10 Easy Steps To Lose Weight

10 Easy Steps To Lose Weight

Losing weight takes time. Here is a fast start. Just use the 10 easy action steps below.

1) To maintain the existing weight, your body needs a certain amount of calories – do not forget this principle. Maintenance calories is the term for this (to find helpful calculatos, just search “calorie needs” on Google).

2) Initially deduce 10% (up to 500 Kcal, but not more) off the total maintenance calories. When reducing drastically your calorie intake, what will occur is water and muscle loss – not fat loss.

3) Separate your calorie intake over 5 or even 6 meals rather than 2 or 3. You should aim to eat every 3-4 hours.

4) Simple carbs should be left out (except straight after workouts; eat whole grain, high fibre foods and so on.)

5) Exercise at least 3 times a week, doing 30 minutes of cardio to a reasonable level of intensity. This is what it takes to make your body understand that he should lose fat.

6) Just apply a few replacements in your diet plan, such as sweetener instead of regular sugar, diet drinks in place of full sugar drinks, smaller slices of meat etc. As with every change in life, this might not be so easy, but over time you will become used to it. And the daily calorie savings speak for themselves.

7) Consume enough water – every day at least 2 litres – a dehydrated body is less efficient and you’ll lose body fat with greater difficulty.

Eat low carb (complex only!), moderate protein and low fat.

9) In order to avoid over eating, keep a daily journal of your calorie consumption.

10) Using supplements can make fat loss a little easier. Dieting with a high protein consumption helps preserve muscle mass (your metabolism works better with a higher muscle mass).

Follow this 10 step program and start your fat loss diet now. Start and follow them and the results will astonish you.


  • Photo by Alex Germany on Unsplash

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