Can Women Target Specfic Body Parts For Weight Loss

Can Women Target Specfic Body Parts For Weight Loss? 

Here is a recent fat-burning question that I got asked: I’ve heard that you can’t target your weight loss to a specific area, but then I also hear about programs to do precisely that. Which is true?

You will see many programs that say they target how to lose belly fat, slim down hips, and tonearms. The truth is that you can’t spot reduce these areas.

All women have different body types and some store more body fat around their stomach, while others may store more fat around their back. You can lose belly fat or other areas that you want to target but you can’t just magically do this. If you are on the right belly blasting program or whatever you want to call it, then your body will start to take shape in those areas.

However, if you store more fat around your stomach that is the last place it will come off, and again with the right program, you will eventually see it come off. Also, if you have a smaller build on top, you can do program specialization. Part of the solution is to do more exercises for the upper body to balance the rest of your body’s symmetry. Successful program design should comprise of the following:

Goal setting action plan

The fat loss nutrition plan

Weight training program for the week

Fat Loss

Tools to monitor and track your program (this is very important when tweaking your program)

Motivational strategies

The key is to seek out a plan that incorporates all of these to get those six pack abs or slimmer hips and thighs.

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