Some Weighty Tips

Some Weighty Tips

One major problem that majority of the people face today is either the bulky body or simply too much weight, or being skinny; it becomes stressing specially in a world where we are so looks and health cautious. So for them there is nothing more exciting than the tips to help them cure this problem. It is also very important for them to realize the steps that would actually lose weight or help gain it and do not have side effects. Well, I have brought a solution of this problem. Hey I forgot I am talking about weight gain this time!

(a) Diet:

I think diet is the most common of all solutions to all problems. Skinny people for sure do not eat the right way o the right diet. And protein is most importantly required by the concerned people. It helps add extra weight. So friends if you do not take in protein properly then why do you expect a weight gain and that too quickly? So, lean more on proteins than simple carbs.

(b) Work-outs:

Only right diet is not enough for a weight gain. It is also very important to do some workouts so that your body is kept toned and weight controlled. Avoiding this will lead to a weight gain in a manner that would just not be acceptable as it would make your body appear too much bulky.

(c) Motivation:

Researches have proved that to solve any problem of an individual nothing works better than his/her motivation to solve it. Remember that weight gaining is a lengthy process which asks for time and patience s never get disheartened as results in this case can not be expected overnight. So the time you fail to inderstand this it will lead to sure failure.

(d) Right food for you:

Now you should develop a habit of eating more of energy foods and more and more of calories as well. You need to first of all find out your actual BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate), this rate equates calories you need/count to maintain your weight at current level. Make a chart of your good diet that should help you gain atleast 1-2 pounds of weight a week. For more of proteins as I told earlier eat chicken, have more of milk. Prefer 5-6 small meals rather than 3 big meals.

(e) Muscles and weight gain:

Be very careful to the thing that merely gaining weight will lead you to an un-smart and loose body, so in order to get that well toned and healthy body do these workouts:

Jogging is considered as really good if you want the best exercise.

Work out in a gym, that would provide some motivation through enjoyment and social satisfaction, so make it into your lifestyle. Even the instructors right there in the gym can help you out solve your problems.

Most important : Never ever intake any medicine without consulting a physic specialist by mere getting attracted towards some advertisements.

So, enjoyyy!

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